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Get a good agent!

Finding the right home is never easy at the best of times and it is all the more difficult in unfamiliar surroundings. Securing a reputable and successful agent is the answer to your problems! A good agent is one who will listen to your needs, understand your criteria, show you the full selection of properties that fit your requirements and make your move as smooth and hassle free as possible. Queens Property will take care of the legwork for you completely. We have an intimate knowledge of the property market in Hong Kong and our consultants specialise in identifying the most attractive and sought-after locations in town. We know what is quality stock and which properties are substandard and with the most reputable consultant team in Hong Kong, we will ensure you are guided through the jungle of choice to the best there is.

Negotiating the Terms

While landlords in Hong Kong may still prefer to issue tenancies to companies, individual tenancies are becoming ever more commonplace offering individuals the freedom to choose how and where they locate themselves. It is useful however to provide a letter from your employer as confirmation that you are employed and have the means to pay the rent. This may be all the landlord requires. Break clause ¡V Always secure a break clause for flexibility! Typically, after twelve months you will need to give two months' notice which can be served on the landlord at any time. However, there are some major landlords with break clauses that deviate from the 12+2 rule. The experience of Queens Consultants experience can assist you in such tricky negotiations.

Securing a unit ¡V Remember, even in a soft market, gazumping still does occur. It is crucial to finalise initial terms quickly and provide the landlord with a holding deposit (usually equivalent to one month¡¦s rental). Also ensure that your offer is ¡§Subject To Contract¡¨ so that in the event that you cannot agree on the terms of the lease, you do not lose your holding deposit.

Condition of the Premises

It is generally accepted by most landlords that in between tenancies, they will have to undertake some renovation. Usually this will include repainting throughout and polyurethaning the floors. It should also be the landlord¡¦s responsibility to check the electrical wiring, plumbing and all appliances to ensure that they are in good working order before you move in. If the unit is provided with a central air-conditioning system, you should establish whose responsibility it is for the repair and maintenance charges of this system throughout the lease term.

Provisions By the Landlord

Appliances ¡V Most properties will have air-conditioning units provided. Other appliances such as oven/cooker and cooker hood, fridge, washing machine and dryer ¡V your agent should negotiate with the landlord on the provision of such items ¡V it really does depend on the landlord you are dealing with and the overall attractiveness of your lease offer. If the landlord will not provide all the appliances you require, it is very easy to buy secondhand goods from other expats who are leaving (you can imagine there is a substantial turnover of international executives who typically reside here for 2-3 years then move on). Queens¡¦ consultants can help you with this. Do be aware that the kitchens in Hong Kong tend to be very small ¡V it is therefore not advisable to import your electrical appliances because of both technical incompatibility and space constraints.

Should you bring furniture?

Most properties for lease are unfurnished. Some landlords may be prepared to provide some furniture such as beds etc, but this is more common for the small and mid-sized apartments than larger ones. Most properties will have fitted closets in some or all of the bedrooms, but remember, space is a premium in Hong Kong and if you are relocating from the USA or Europe for example you may find storage space inadequate in the properties here. Furniture is relatively inexpensive to buy with modern style shops such as IKEA and G.O.D. as well as Asian style furniture, which will be considerably cheaper to buy here than in Western countries. Many like to take the opportunity to collect some lovely pieces of furniture which can be purchased along Queen's Road East, Hollywood Road, at Horizon Plaza or even over in Macau.

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