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Know where your competitors or companies of a similar nature are! There is nothing worse than being set up in a location which is inappropriate for your kind of business.

Size of Office

Never judge the size of any office by the quotation on paper. Make sure you find out the true efficiency rate of the properties. An experienced and reliable agent will be able to help. If not, seek help from designers. Average space requirements per person: Area per person varies considerably from industry to industry. Requirements are related not only to job function or individuals' positions but also to the size and status of the company. The following can be used as a rule of thumb guide:

110 - 140 sq ft./per person - Professional & Counselling
140 - 170 sq ft./per person - Financial Services and Banks
180 - 200 sq ft./per person - Multinational top executive offices
40 - 80 sq ft. for open plan seating - Administrative Staff
120 - 150 sq ft./per rm - 6-8 seater meeting room
150 - 250 sq ft./per rm - 10-18 seater meeting room

Area Definitions

There are only limited regulations concerning the quotation of size of accommodation being leased. To avoid confusion, the following alternative descriptions should be borne in mind. They are however only general:

ĦE Gross Area: The area within the perimeter of the outside walls including wall thickness, service core including lift lobbies, passenger and service lift-wells, staircases, lavatories, pantries and mechanical and electrical areas.
(Usable area : 65% - 75%)

ĦE Lettable Area: The net area plus the lift lobby area and lavatory area (apportioned if a floor is let in subdivision).
(Usable area : 78% - 90%))

ĦE Net Area: The net usable area plus the columns up to the external window face.
(Usable area: 96% - 98%)

ĦE Net Usable Area: The carpet area within an office floor, excluding columns and service core. Few offices in Hong Kong are rented on this basis.
(Usable area: 100%)


The cost of providing cooled air and ventilation to the premises during office hours is normally included in the service charge. After-hours air-conditioning can be arranged in most centrally conditioned buildings but at varying hourly charges reflecting the scale of the system's zoning, i.e. part floor, whole floor or entire lift-rise.

Condition of Offices

In general, most offices are leased in their bare shell condition i.e. provision of ceiling and light fittings. However, in some cases, landlords might agree to have decorated offices returned to them upon lease expiry on condition that the units are nicely decorated to specifications that are practical and of high quality finishings. However, the landlord may reserve the right to charge the outgoing tenant for demolishment costs if the next tenant requires a bare shell condition. Therefore, if you do take an office that is fully fitted, you are normally required by contract to reinstate the unit to its bare shell condition upon the termination or natural expiry of your lease.

Cost for renovating offices

Well-planned offices can increase staff productivity by improving efficiency and raising morale. At the same time, by eliminating wasted floor space through efficient planning and moving to an efficient building, substantial savings can be made in office rental. In most Grade A buildings, tenants are required to use the landlordĦĤs nominated contractors for electrical works, sprinkler systems and air-conditioning works.

ĦE Fitting-out costs vary according to the standard of finishing but in general one could allocate for :

ĦE $250.00 - $350 per sq ft (on NET basis) for moderate standard finishing (excluding loose furniture but including nominated contractor's work).

ĦE $500.00 - $1500 per sq. ft (on NET basis) for high standard finishing fit for a bank or a professional firm (excluding loose furniture but including nominated contractor's work).

Office Automation

Those occupiers with substantial EDP requirements, needing air-conditioning back-up or ventilation for gas fire protection systems, would be well advised to seek professional guidance early in the process of selecting accommodation.

Hong Kong enjoys a number of advantages when it comes to selecting and fitting-out office accommodation. Not only does it take generally less time to organise and undertake an office installation than it would in other business centres around the world, but standards are generally high and costs competitive.

Vetting Fee

The landlord or its consultants will usually charge a fee for the perusal, amendment (if necessary) and approval of the tenant's layout plans together with the estimation process and the monitoring of works in progress. Rates vary but charges are normally in the range of 5% - 15% of the Base Building Services Alteration Contract Sum.


Reputable movers capable of handling all equipment including EDP and office automation are readily available in Hong Kong. Costs depend entirely on the scale of the move.

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